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“We make the numbers talk so you don’t have to interpret them”


Keeping It Simple Yet Significant


Trust That You're Working With The Best Accountants

We take pride in ourselves for transforming our clients' queries and questions to results and numbers that make sense, we help them grow by offering a broad spectrum so they can make informed decisions for themselves and their business. At Mees Sandhu, quality takes precedence over quantity.

To maintain integrity and honesty in everything we do. To provide the highest level of integrity and professionalism while helping our clients to meet their current and future needs along with long term success.
  • Respect for our clients
  • Passion to serve them
  • Continuous improvement and learning
  • Objectivity and integrity
  • Honesty and Independence

50+ Years Of Experience In Tax & Accounting


“Small enough to know who you are but big enough to handle your business”


Client Opinions & Reviews

They helped me with Projected Financial Statements which I needed to finance my new business. They were very thorough and the income statement was presented by class which helped me look at the numbers on a month to month basis. My questions were answered promptly and the information provided was on time and very accurate.
Baljinder Bains
Austin, Texas
Jennifer Cook
Plano, Texas
They quickly respond and provide all the answers needed to make decisions for our business. They are thorough and deliver exceptional customer service to their clients which set them apart from the rest of their peers in the industry.
They helped us with the entity formation and made that process very smooth. Initial Consultation was handled very efficiently and we were steered to the right direction. They were very thorough in the projections and forecasts for the business which are now proving very helpful. We are looking forward to our association with Mees Sandhu CPAs.
Tejinder Singh
Plano, Texas
Kabir Master
Dallas, Texas
Dwain has done our taxes and looked out for our interests for the past 3 years and I hope many more. He has done his due diligence and is well informed about every business decision, and his advice is balanced, researched and practical. I wish him all the best and hope he continues to grow in his practice.
Poonam always answers my questions quickly and efficiently, providing relevant information and never wasting my time. I feel like she really understands our accounting needs and makes us feel like we are the most important client.
Philip Aponte
Dallas, Texas